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Isaac Returns to the Mountain and Other Poems Inspired by The Bible (Cyberwit, 2024) $15

This unique collection features Green’s inimitable, often ironic, take on many of Scriptures’ pivotal stories. You need not be a Bible scholar to enjoy Isaac Returns to the Mountain—just a lover of great poetry.”

Michael Escoubas, Poetry Editor, Quill and Parchment, and author of Ripples Into the Light—PhotoPoetry

Isaac Returns to the Mountain is a poignant reminder that, like Isaac, we also have our mountains to return to . . . . A tour de force of enlightened thought and well-crafted poetry.

Steven Owen Shields, Professor of Communications, University of North Georgia, and author of Random Acts of Childhood

Ode to El Camino de Santiago and Other Poems of Journey (Wipf and Stock, 2022) $5.00

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"James Green’s carefully crafted, deeply felt poems are like reverse ekphrastic works . . . . Here are lines gathered from a world well traveled, of varied souls met in hazy afternoons or by moonlight.  Each is a gift of tears, laughter, or miracle.  These poems know the shape and dust of the path toward home."

-Jenny Kalahar, Editor, Last Stanza Poetry Journal


"James Green is indeed a pilgrim, a poet who consistently seeks 'to be in a place where strange is familiar' and to discern the spirit in the varied textures of everyday life, in the mysterious beauty of nature, and in the warm shadows of memory.  There are a number of pilgrimages to be savored here, but the end point of each is a profoundly human beauty."

-Jeffery Essmann, Editor, Catholic Poetry Room


"Green’s collection reminds us that travel introduces us not only to new landscapes and peoples but also to undiscovered parts of ourselves.  Ode to El Camino de Santiago and Other Poems of Journey is a gracious lesson in human nature.  What a beautiful stay against ethnocentrism, delivered in exquisite free verse and artfully nuanced forms."

-Mary Brown, Poetry Editor, Flying Island


"James Green shares with us insights not only from El Camino de Santiago but from his other destinations on this planet.  His opening poem urges us to find 'those sacred spaces where clarity comes not from tortured thought but alights as a winged peace in the quiet of night.' . . ." 

-Barry Harris, Editor, Tipton Poetry Journal

Long Journey Home: Poems on Classical Myths (Georgia Poetry Society, 2020) $10.00

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"Long Journey Home is the work of a master craftsman, and is inventive and penetrating by turns. . . . A thought provoking collection of poems."

Steven Owen Shields

Barely Still, Barely Stirring (Finishing Line Books, 2019) $14.00

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"These lines are ethereal and enlightening, spirtual and grounded, as in 'Some driftwood tangled on the bank still clings / to seasons left from dreams afraid to wake.'"

Jenny Kalahar

The Color of Prayer: Poems on Rembrandt Painting the Bible (Shanti Arts Books, 2019) $14.00

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"Throughout the collection, Green is quiet and calm, reverential, almost as if in prayer himself. His erudition and care in expression bring the reader closer to Rembrandt . . . Vididly depicting light and shadow in his poems, Green reminds us of similar contrasts in Rembrandt's paintings. "

Mardelle Fortier

"A rich collection of ekphrastic poetry . . ."

Wilda Morris

Stations of the Cross (Finishing Line Books, 2008) $14.00

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"Green's characters are consummately human. Mary, Veronica, Simon, Joseph--in all of them we feel the heaviness of flesh, the verity of human feeling."

Francis X. Gaspar

"In this powerful sequence of spiritual poems, James Green brings an intimate voice to his quest to understand the Stations of the Cross, using formal craft and deep sympathy . . ."

Tony Barnstone